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Explore our new map of conserved lands, search for lands in your area, create reports and export data.

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Here are some samples of what you can do:

Explore / Print Map

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Explore the map and click on parcels for details

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Search the map and highlight results.

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Print a custom map.

Search for conserved lands

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Query the database and display a list of conserved lands. Then view the results as a graph, on the map, or export the data to CSV or PDF!

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Save a PDF of your search results.

Parcel Report Sample
Create a report with parcel details and a map.

Create Graphs and Tables

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Create graphs and tables summarizing land conservation data by state, region or based on your query results.

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Save your graphs and tables to PDF.

Compare your State

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The Compare tab features an analytic tool that can create custom charts to compare conservation activity across the country.

Export Data

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Export your search results to Excel compatible CSV file.

Conservation Easements

The Conservation Almanac also populates The National Conservation Easement Database (NCED). NCED is the first national database of conservation easement information, compiling records from land trusts and public agencies throughout the United States.

National Conservation Easement Database Link

Explore Programs & Trends in Your State

The Conservation Almanac is a web-based resource of conservation spending and statistics. On this site you can discover, analyze, and map the results of federal, state, and local funding for land conservation since 1998.

Conservation Activity since 1998

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How Can You Use This Website?

By visiting the state pages and map you can determine the following:

  • See FAQs for more information.
  • Questions you can answer

    • What conservation trends are occurring in my state?
    • How does my state compare?
    Where are lands being conserved in my state and across the country?
    How are Almanac data being used?

    Conservation Almanac State Updates

    Conservation Funding at a Glance

    Does your state have dedicated revenue for land conservation? Find out here.

    Citing the Conservation Almanac

    To recognize the valuable role of the Conservation Almanac, users of the Conservation Almanac are asked to formally acknowledge the data source. This acknowledgment should occur as a formal citation. The citation can be formatted as follows:
    The Trust for Public Land, Conservation Almanac, 2019.