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Highlighted Local Programs

West Virginia

Highlighted State Programs

West Virginia

State Policy Framework

West Virginia


To avoid double counting acres where multiple programs contributed to the acquisition of a single parcel, the acreage is only aggregated under the program that provided the majority of funding. For example, if the table below displays a dollar amount greater than $0 for a given year but shows 0 acres, the program was not the primary contributor for any parcels in that year. As a result, a prolific program may show very low acreage figures on this page. To see customized program information please visit the map viewer tab or contact the Conservation Almanac Team.

Highlighted Local Programs

Local Conservation Programs Include:

Local program dollars represent local farmland preservation efforts conducted in collaboration with the West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority. Local funding comes largely from a real estate transfer tax.

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2011 1,548.7 $3,220,646
2010 1,395.0 $2,393,517
2009 1,853.7 $2,450,050
2008 759.0 $1,920,822
2007 1,128.3 $3,839,509
2006 1,315.1 $2,930,440
2005 1,021.0 $2,309,493
2004 611.0 $1,604,234
2003 90.0 $112,500
Totals 9,721.8 $20,781,212

Highlighted State Programs

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

The Wildlife Resources Section of the Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) acquires land for Wildlife Management Areas through fee simple purchases using money derived from a state capital improvements account. The account is funded with revenue generated from sales of a conservation stamp, purchase of which is required to receive hunting or fishing licenses in the state.* Acquisitions are also funded in part from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, and occasionally by donations to the program's land acquisition efforts.

*Article 6 Section 55 of WV Constitution

2011 208.5 $174,625
2010 1,573.1 $2,135,133
2009 1,272.2 $900,303
2008 3,958.6 $4,142,570
2007 293.2 $190,450
2006 513.1 $385,300
2005 0.6 $21,000
2004 1,557.0 $2,133,151
2003 1,514.8 $1,099,249
2002 374.1 $314,160
2001 2,671.5 $863,200
2000 4,444.1 $660,721
1999 2,925.3 $892,767
1998 1,497.4 $1,827,042
Total22,803.5 $15,739,672

West Virginia Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund

The Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund (OHCF) protects lands that host West Virginia's wild and wonderful natural resources. Housed in the Department of Commerce, the Fund was established in April 2008 when the Voluntary Rural and Outdoor Heritage Conservation Act was signed into law.*

Revenue generated from a $10 deed recording fee is divided evenly between the OHCF and the West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority. The OHCF will designate half the funds received toward priority land acquisitions and will award the other half through a competitive grants program.

Note: OHCF has contributed to one acquisition made in partnership with the WVDNR (2012), and two conservation easements through the WV Agricultural Land Protection Authority (2009 and 2012). OHCF is not yet been the primary sponsor of an acquisition. In addition, data on the 2012 parcels does not yet appear in the Conservation Almanac (includes acquisitions only through 2011).

*WV Code Chapter 5B Article 2G Section 1-9

West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority

The Voluntary Farmland Protection Act, passed by the state legislature in 2000, established a two-tier state and local level system to enable landowners to voluntarily protect their farmland.* The Act created the West Virginia Agricultural Land Protection Authority as the state-level equivalent of county Farmland Protection Boards, and enabled the Authority to accept conservation easements from landowners. In 2002, the Act was amended to allow each county with a Farmland Protection Program to provide funding exclusively for farmland preservation through a real estate transfer tax.** State dollars are generated through the dedicated recordation fee approved as part of the West Virginia Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund.

*WV Code Chapter 8A Article 12 Section 1
**WV Code Chapter 8A Article 12 Section 21

2011 459.4 $319,375
2009 0.0 $200,000
2003 0.0 $101,500
Total459.4 $620,875

State Policy Framework

Substantial State Investment

Enable Local Financing

State Incentive for Local Land Conservation

Public-Private Partnerships

Conservation Tax Credits

Federal Partnerships

Some data was not provided on a yearly basis, but rather as an aggregate figure. In this case we have distributed total acres acquired and/or dollars spent evenly by year.