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To avoid double counting acres where multiple programs contributed to the acquisition of a single parcel, the acreage is only aggregated under the program that provided the majority of funding. For example, if the table below displays a dollar amount greater than $0 for a given year but shows 0 acres, the program was not the primary contributor for any parcels in that year. As a result, a prolific program may show very low acreage figures on this page. To see customized program information please visit the map viewer tab or contact the Conservation Almanac Team.

Highlighted Local Programs

Data for the Conservation Almanac has not yet been collected for local measures approved by voters in Louisiana. Visit for more information.

2012 14.9 $185,927
2011 386.3 $1,072,000
2010 0.4 $52,500
2009 545.5 $2,168,542
2007 285.0 $160,500
2006 3.8 $408,227
2005 43.0 $701,659
2000 1.0 $5
1999 29.0 $356,065
1998 6.5 $113,750
Totals 1,315.5 $5,219,175

Highlighted State Programs

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is responsible for the management and protection of Louisiana’s natural resources. A large portion of the Department’s land acquisition is conducted through private donations. In addition to state general obligation bond funds, the Department uses funding from the following programs for land acquisitions.

Louisiana Duck Stamp Fund
The Duck Stamp Fund provides revenue through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses to acquire land for migratory waterfowl habitat.

Louisiana Wildlife Habitat and Natural Heritage Trust Fund
Established in 1988, funds are derived from a severance tax on offshore oil drilling in the Gulf. Funds may be used to acquire land in order to conserve critical habitat for wildlife and unique natural areas. The tax also funds the Wetland Conservation and Restoration Trust Fund for the development and implementation of a program to help conserve and restore state coastal vegetated wetlands.

Louisiana Wild Turkey Fund
Funds received by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from the sale of wild turkey licenses are directed to acquire lands that are suitable for wild turkeys and that have the primary and direct purpose of conserving, restoring, and enhancing wild turkey habitat. In addition, funds may be used to carry out wild turkey habitat restoration and enhancement projects on lands.

2011 582.4 $591,979
2010 951.0 $1,752,500
2008 0.0 $204,000
2007 0.0 $198,305
2004 122.7 $280,804
2003 785.8 $502,956
2002 4,185.7 $3,543,582
2001 4,510.4 $3,858,718
2000 2,805.5 $1,263,000
1999 1,050.8 $513,470
1998 2,302.1 $1,098,513
Total17,296.3 $13,807,827

Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism - Office of State Parks

The Louisiana Office of State Parks was created in 1934. Prior to 1975, funding for land acquisition was derived from general appropriations through the state legislature. After 1975, funding has been provided through state general obligation bonds. The office of state parks currently uses user fees for major repairs and improvements to parks.

2007 2,709.0 $6,414,531
2003 2,732.7 $2,146,915
2000 309.0 $2,044,060
1999 74.0 $60,500
Total5,824.7 $10,666,006

State Policy Framework

Substantial State Investment

Enable Local Financing

State Incentive for Local Land Conservation

Public-Private Partnerships

Conservation Tax Credits

Federal Partnerships

Some data was not provided on a yearly basis, but rather as an aggregate figure. In this case we have distributed total acres acquired and/or dollars spent evenly by year.